Scott Kania

Chief Executive Officer at Earthwatch Institute, former Senior Vice President, HSBC

Scott Kania assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer at Earthwatch in November 2015. Following a 35-year career in the financial world, Scott is thrilled to embrace his life-long passion for the environment and conservation research in his new role. Scott first learned about Earthwatch in 2010 when he joined an HSBC/Earthwatch collaboration known as the Sustainability Leadership Program (SLP). It was the best training experience of his career. It was hands-on research supporting forest conservation and required each executive to create a sustainability action plans. This experience inspired a major career change for Scott as he wanted to shift career paths to pursue something in the environmental field. In 2014 Scott joined Earthwatch as Chief Operating Officer and in November 2015 he became the CEO. As CEO, Scott wants Earthwatch to continue to touch people’s lives, connect them with the natural world, and inspire them to take action.